Our awards from the last culinary challange.

Welcome to our Resturant!

 Bite it however you like, enjoy the taste and eat it indifferently.

Kura na Grzedzie has undergone a small "kitchen revolution" inspired by the chef. Now we are called M. Mielnik-Restauracja.

We create dishes based on Polish cuisine with an oriental touch, in a modernized form. Local suppliers ensure that our pantry receives the highest quality products, which will allow you to extract the unforgettable taste of dishes. When preparing dishes, we use as many parts of the products as possible in accordance with the idea of "zero waste" and caring for the environment.

We invite you to our gastronymic garden in the middle next to the fountain on Kolegiacki Square.

 We invite individual guests and organized groups. Don't forget to take your four-legged pet with you. We are "dog friendly". 

On May 1, 2022 our restaurant changed its name to "M. Mielnik Restauracja".

At the same time, we have introduced significant changes:

new restaurant decor, new menu and a gastronomic garden on the collegiate square.

From May 9, 22, we are introducing a new lunch price of PLN 24 PLN.


Restauracja „M.Mielnik ” openning  hours  Monday- Sundy 12:00 - 20:00

Thursday - closed
Poznań pl. Kolegiacki 14/15

Tel 605 07 07 14